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  • The Art of Love and War

    Who would have imagined that a 5th century BC book by a Chinese military strategist would be relevant in modern time – in sports, business and even our personal lives. The Art of War by Sun Tzu is devoted to the subject of warfare and discusses strategies for waging and ultimately winning a war. The final chapter focuses on, arguably […]
  • Mobile Device Forensics Now Available

    August 23, 2016 (Atlanta, GA) – Attorneys and law enforcement agents across the state of Georgia have new access to an investigative tool. Hawk Professional Investigations (Hawk PI) is proud to be one of the first in Georgia to offer expanded capabilities of mobile device forensics. Device forensics and it’s output – digital evidence – is a new and emerging […]
  • Top 6 Vulnerabilities: An Open Door for Corporate Espionage

    Corporate Espionage: Top 6 Vulnerabilities. Most companies don't realize how and where they are vulnerable. Have you considered these possibilities?
  • Protect Trade Secrets

    Security experts and the FBI estimate that U.S. companies will lose $400 billion in 2015 to cyber-attacks, corporate espionage and theft of trade secrets.
  • The Technical Side of TSCM

    The TSCM equipment utilized by Hawk Private Investigations examines radio and infrared frequency using a variety of input instruments to detect carrier current devices on AC power lines. These surreptitious devices utilize electrical wiring to transmit audio signals. For example, a listening device could be hardwired into an electrical socket, and using the electrical wiring transmitted and monitored away from […]
  • Top 5 signs that your home or office may be “bugged”

    Confidential personal conversations have been compromised or proprietary company information ends up in the hands of competitors. You notice unusual clicks, hums, static, or other noises on your telephone, maybe even when it’s not in use. You may also notice changes in radio and TV reception. Your home or business has been broken into, but nothing of value was taken. […]
  • Estranged husband put hidden cameras in home

    Hawk Private Investigations was recently hired by a law firm on behalf of a client who was in the process of a divorce. The woman believed that her husband was illegally monitoring her telephone conversations and even felt that her home was bugged. The results of the sweep were astonishing. The Hawk Private Investigations Detection & Debugging Sweep Team found […]
  • CEO illegally monitored

    The CEO of an Atlanta company received information that he was going to be illegally monitored. Hawk Private Investigations’ staff installed equipment to monitor all areas the CEO accessed. Hawk Private Investigations’ team obtained video evidence of an unauthorized entry into the company’s facility and the perpetrator installing a small eavesdropping device. Learn more: Corporate Espionage ♦ Detection & Debugging […]
  • Attic spy goes underground

    As reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, September 30, 1999. When Lynn Raad heard clicking noises on her telephone, she thought of her ex-boyfriend, who claimed to be a retired spy. Raad, 37, hired Hawk Private Investigations to search her Lawrenceville house for electronic surveillance equipment. They did not find bugs, but discovered a hiding spot in the attic stocked […]
  • What is Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)?

    What is Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)? The use of counter surveillance equipment to discover hidden electronic surveillance devices such as hidden cameras, bugs / voice recorders, and phone taps, computer keyloggers / spy software, or other eavesdropping schemes. (Also known as debugging or electronic eavesdropping detection)  Your actions and/or conversations in your home, office, or vehicle can be observed and […]