• The Learning Curve of Digital Evidence

    Digital evidence on cell phones and mobile devices is changing the landscape of the U.S. legal system.
  • Ten Discreet Signs of Marital Indiscretions

    Did you find someone else’s lipstick on your spouse’s collar? Did you walk in on your spouse with another person? The majority of signs of an extramarital affair might not be as obvious. No one wants to believe his or her spouse would be capable of cheating. And sometimes the “big” sign is only seen in hindsight and is several […]
  • What can affect alimony?

    In most courts, specifically in Georgia, the spouse that was unfaithful is usually barred from receiving ...
  • Affects of Adultery on a Divorce

    Divorce can feel like a mini-world war and finding out about infidelity can leave a person reeling. Feelings are hurt, emotions are raised and the uncertainty of the future can be overwhelming. Whether the cause or the symptom, adulterous acts can have a big impact on the divorce. Adultery can be hard to prove and you need supporting evidence acquired […]
  • Estranged husband put hidden cameras in home

    Hawk Private Investigations was recently hired by a law firm on behalf of a client who was in the process of a divorce. The woman believed that her husband was illegally monitoring her telephone conversations and even felt that her home was bugged. The results of the sweep were astonishing. The Hawk Private Investigations Detection & Debugging Sweep Team found […]
  • The Workaholic

    Hawk Private Investigations was contacted by an attorney who informed us that his client did not want to hire an investigative firm to check into her husbands activities. She stated that her husband, a very wealthy man, was more into running his business and making money and that basically, he was the “most boring person on earth” and she was […]
  • A Girls Weekend Getaway

    A physician in Savannah became suspicious of his wife’s frequent weekend getaways with her girlfriends. She would never tell him exactly where they were staying, choosing instead to simply say, call me on my cell if you need me because we will rarely be in the room. Hawk Private Investigations’ investigators scheduled surveillance for the next upcoming girls weekend getaway. […]
  • Does proof of infidelity really matter in a divorce?

    Does proof of infidelity really matter in a divorce? If you have consulted with an attorney and they have told you that conduct does not matter, you should seriously consider continuing to interview attorneys. It is true that proof of adultery is not the “win all” that some people may think, however, the answers obtained by a professional investigation, can […]
  • Using a GPS for Infidelity & Child Custody Investigations

    Michael Deegan, senior investigator at Hawk Private Investigations, discusses some of the factors in considering the use of a GPS tracking unit in infidelity, child custody, and other family law investigations at the 2012 Georgia Institute of Continuing Legal Education Family Law Institute. Using GPS tracking units often lead to more questions than answers – only surveillance can determine who […]
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