Investigative Services

For the past 29 years, Hawk Private Investigations has been providing professional investigative services to individuals and attorneys, as well as small and large businesses.  We understand the unique challenges of civil and corporate investigations and thoroughly review and plan each investigation with your needs and objectives as the primary goal.  During the investigation, we provide updates and necessary support as well as offer suggestions on the best way to proceed to a successful resolution of your case. These suggestions may include referrals to attorneys, counselors, law enforcement or other professionals as deemed appropriate.

What our clients say...

  • Elizabeth Green LindseyHawk Investigations is my first choice for private investigator services because of its integrity, creativity and professionalism. For years, my family law clients have benefited from Hawk Investigations’ excellent service. I trust Hawk Investigations to take care of my client’s needs and to make sound judgments on the cost effectiveness of their tasks. They are prepared for court when called upon to testify. I highly recommend Tom Hawkins and Hawk Investigations.
    ~ Elizabeth Green Lindsey
    Davis, Matthews and Quigley P.C.
  • jonathan-dunnIt has been my pleasure to use Hawk Private Investigations on several occasions, and my clients have consistently reported satisfaction with the work product.
    ~ Jonathan Dunn
    Johnson, Kraeuter and Dunn LLC
    Savannah, GA
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