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Investigative Services

For the past 30 years, Hawk Private Investigations has been providing professional investigative services to individuals and attorneys, as well as small and large businesses.  We understand the unique challenges of civil and corporate investigations and thoroughly review and plan each investigation with your needs and objectives as the primary goal.  During the investigation, we provide updates and necessary support as well as offer suggestions on the best way to proceed to a successful resolution of your case. These suggestions may include referrals to attorneys, counselors, law enforcement or other professionals as deemed appropriate.

What our clients say...

  • Bob BoydI have known Tom Hawkins for approximately 20 years. During that time, I have engaged him to do a wide variety of investigative work. His firm is the only private investigating business that I recommend to clients for several reasons. First, I know the level of professionalism and sound judgement that Tom offers in each and every case. He performs the work diligently, thoroughly, and is always cost conscious. It is not uncommon for Tom to tell a client if he thinks the project being considered is not in the client’s interest. Tom will usually offer a client several alternative methods to achieve a result. If there are reasons that work should be terminated, he will immediately cease and not pursue unnecessary avenues. He charges a client fairly and does everything possible (within legal and ethical limits) to obtain the best result. When clients ask me why we should hire him, as opposed to other private investigating firms, my response is always the same: I know his work and I trust him. Simply stated, he is driven by client satisfaction and personal integrity. I also value Tom’s advice and judgement in my cases. It is not unusual for me to seek his advice on strategies to achieve certain results that may be helpful in a divorce case. Most importantly, I always know Tom will perform his duties within the bounds of the ethical and legal expectations that he knows I expect, and which he demands of his people. In summary, I cannot recommend Tom highly enough. He is a consummate professional, and I value the relationship that both myself and my firm have developed with him over these many years. If I may answer any questions personally, I would be happy to do so at any time. Save

    ~ Robert D. Boyd
    Boyd Collar Nolen & Tuggle
  • Amy L. Kaye at Ellis Funk, P.C.I would strongly recommend Tom Hawkins and his staff at Hawk Investigations for any attorney’s private investigation needs. I have used Hawk on many different occasions, always with excellent results. Tom Hawkins and his staff handle themselves very professionally and competently when dealing with the attorney, the client and when called upon to testify in Court. I recently had a very difficult custody battle and the fine investigative work of Hawk is what made all the difference in the final Judgment. I cannot speak highly enough of Hawk Investigations.

    ~ Amy L. Kaye, Esq.
    Ellis Funk, P.C.