Background Investigations

Background InvestigationsAre you involved in a relationship with someone and believe they are not being honest with you?

Is your ex-spouse now dating someone that is around your children?

No matter the question you have, Hawk Private Investigations’ Background Investigations will provide you with the information you need to give you peace of mind and to move forward with your life.

Our qualified background investigators will listen to your story and recommend an investigative strategy based on our past experience. We tailor the background to fit your specific needs so that all your questions are answered. We will also work hand in hand with your attorney to make sure you have everything you need before going to court.  Our investigators are also available to testify in your case if the attorney determines it’s necessary.

Background Investigations can include:

  • Address History
  • Alias/Name Search
  • Civil/Litigation History
  • Corporate Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Drug Screening
  • DUI Records
  • Education Verification*
  • Employment Verification*
  • Eviction Records
  • FBI Most Wanted List
  • Interviews
  • License Verification
  • Lien History
  • Media Searches
  • Motor Vehicle Records*
  • Registered Sex Offenders
  • SSN Verification
  • Tenant Background Checks
  • UCC Filings

*Release Form signed by the subject of the investigation may be required

pdf  Sample Background Investigation Summary

The information on this website is not legal advice and should not be used as such. Laws vary by state, city, and county and every situation is different. Consult your attorney for legal recommendations specific to your situation and location. If you need an attorney, we will be happy to refer you to one qualified in your area of need.
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