Celebrity Protection Services

Celebrity Protection ServicesHigh-profile individuals and their families often face unavoidable intrusions into their privacy, and the never ending stories of the latest celebrity stalker make the need for protection a very real necessity.  Hawk Private Investigations offer proactive security solutions, tailored to the needs of our clients, to ensure their safety and provide peace of mind at home, in transit, and on location, domestic and internationally.

Our elite security specialists provide much more than a standard bodyguard service:

  • Threat assessment & security surveys of all facilities & venues
  • Comprehensive security plan to reduce or prevent threats before they occur
  • Minimized lifestyle interference
  • Background investigations of critical or potential employees & crew
  • Discreet, customized teams tailored to your needs
  • Short term or long term assignments
  • Experience protection agents with global experience

Our VIP bodyguard and close protection services are ideal for:

  • Close protection for principal cast and crew
  • Film and television production security
  • Promotional events
  • Concerts & festivals
  • Professional athletes
  • Dignitaries

Our work begins before the event with careful planning and review of all potential risks. Ongoing communication throughout the assignment ensures that your expectations are met and exceeded.  Contact us today to discuss your elite security needs.

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