Corporate Security Consulting

Hawk Private Investigations provides large and small corporations with independent security consulting in the areas of risk management, threat and vulnerability assessments, crime analysis, computer forensics, and corporate espionage.

Risk Management

  • Initial Risk Assessment / Threat Assessment
    An overview of all facets of your business, defining strengths and vulnerabilities. This in-depth security analysis will cover physical security of offices, storage, manufacturing, and warehouses.
  • Communications Security Assessment
    Our detection team will review your phone system and computer network to check for phone taps, recording devices, keyloggers, and other breaches in security.

Management & Employees

Planning & Preparation

Our associates include former federal and state law enforcement personnel with areas of expertise in access control, apartment security, CCTV, employee theft, surveillance, retail loss prevention, warehouse security, and workplace violence. From a one-time scan for recording devices to a constant security presence, we can provide exactly what you need. If evidence of theft or security breaches is found, our experts can provide liaison with law enforcement and court-admissible evidence to prosecute.

Smaller companies benefit from our full-range of investigative and security-related services that are designed to reduce the costs of maintaining a full-time security staff. Hawk Private Investigations will provide your company with immediate response from our team of qualified personnel who are former federal and state law enforcement agents.

Take the first step toward resolving your personal or professional concerns and achieving peace of mind by scheduling a preliminary interview with a Hawk private investigator today.

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