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Top 5 signs that your home or office may be “bugged”

  1. Confidential personal conversations have been compromised or proprietary company information ends up in the hands of competitors.
  2. You notice unusual clicks, hums, static, or other noises on your telephone, maybe even when it’s not in use. You may also notice changes in radio and TV reception.
  3. Your home or business has been broken into, but nothing of value was taken.
  4. Objects that could contain a hidden camera or listening device appear without explanation. These could include clocks, exit signs, smoke detectors, radios, telephones, and many other items. Listening devices can be as small as a dime – the possibilities are almost endless.
  5. Unusual dust and debris – dust from sheet rock, bits of insulation, etc., can all be signs that eavesdropping equipment has recently been installed.

Be AWARE of your surroundings and take note when something has changed.

If you suspect that your home or office has been compromised, contact us immediately from a secure location. Do not use your phone or computer, and do not discuss your concerns in your office, home, or vehicle.

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