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Take Control of Your Situation: Selecting a Private Investigator

When facing difficult situations such as a divorce, suspicion of adultery and/or child custody dispute, your emotions are running high. Many professionals are employed in these cases: attorneys, counselors, guardian ad-litems and/or financial consultants. A private investigator is another professional you should have on your side. A professional, licensed private investigator can help you get the information you need to move forward with the case and your life.

When selecting a private investigator, always keep in mind the below qualifying attributes:

Licensing – The private investigator should be licensed by a governing board. Many states have strict regulations about the experience and background of an individual working as a private investigator. This due diligence can make the selection process much easier. Organizations such as the National Association for Background Screeners, the National Counsel on Investigation & Security Services and the United States Association for Professional Investigators are excellent resources.

Experience – While many licensing boards have experience requirements, making sure that the private investigator or firm has extensive experience in the type of investigation you require is important for your peace of mind.

Integrity – Trust and truth are two critical components of private investigations. You need someone you trust as well as someone that a judge or jury will believe to be credible and competent. This rapport should go beyond the words he can speak and extend to eye contact, body language and overall behavior. If you aren’t comfortable, do you think the person making the judgments will be?

Professionalism – A professional demeanor of the individual or organization is important to your case. Supported by an organized and courteous office, our staff will ensure that your case is handled with the utmost respect, diligence and regard. In times of uncertainty, knowing what to expect and that you will be communicated with efficiently will help expedite the case and produce the evidence that is pertinent and useful to you and your attorneys.

Communication – The backbone of every client relationship is communication. When hiring a professional private investigator to gather crucial information, honesty is important – honesty between the client, attorney and investigator are vital.

At Hawk PI, the more than 30 years of experience and thousands of cases that have been investigated gives a unique understanding of not just the investigations but an understanding of our clients. We understand the emotional stress and spend as much time as is needed with client to get down to what is important and needed in every case so that we may best represent them and get the information needed.

Hawk PI is led by Thomas P. Hawkins, Jr. a recognized expert in the field of family law investigations. His services and the services of the entire firm are sought after by some of the leading law firms and family law Attorneys in Georgia and throughout the United States. Tom has personally successfully managed over 2,000 domestic assignments in his career and his team of licensed professionals include specialized surveillance team members as well as field investigators nationwide with a wide array of investigative expertise, including former local and federal law enforcement personnel. Contact Tom at (770) 760-0071 or


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