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Top 10 Red Flags that may indicate infidelity

Are you concerned that your spouse may be having an affair? The red flags below are the most common signs we see when infidelity is occurring.

1) Your spouse is working longer than normal hours and/or has unaccounted for time. On the weekend, they have “errands” to run that take several hours.

2) They become extremely protective of their cell phone and keep it near them all the time, even while sleeping. You never see an opportunity to review calls or texts if you wanted to.

3) They are constantly stepping outside to take a “business” call in private and constantly texting.

4) You notice changes in the way your spouse dresses, the type of music they listen to and interest in new activities. Suddenly joining a gym and becoming increasingly concerned about their appearance is a very big red flag.

5) They make excuses and find reasons not to involve you in events with co-workers or in social events. Most affairs are associated with someone at work or with someone you know personally.

6) They become protective of their vehicle, refusing to let you use it.

7) When on “business trips” they refuse to tell you their hotel or room number. Instead, they say, “reach me on my cell if your need me as I am going to be very busy”

8) They talk too much about a particular person at work and seem to know too much about their personal life. They even may indicate how sorry they feel for this person and what a “bad marriage they are in”.

9) Loss of interest in sex.

10) They constantly find problems with everything you do, regardless of how hard you try to please them.

If you see any of these “Red Flags” or have concerns from other cues and need to know the truth to protect yourself and your family, contact Hawk Private Investigations to put [yib] years of experience to work for you. Our experienced investigators can provide guidance and options and recommend a lawyer if necessary.


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