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What can affect alimony?

Proof of Adultery

In most courts, specifically in Georgia, the spouse that was unfaithful is usually barred from receiving alimony if there is evidence that they have committed adultery.  Photo & video evidence of infidelity can be used as leverage to minimize expensive litigation resulting in a swifter settlement.

Cohabitation  (live in boyfriend/girlfriend or has remarried and hiding it)

Proving that your ex-spouse is sharing the responsibilities of a household with another individual and providing evidence of  that relationship can help you in terminating your alimony responsibilities.

Hawk Private Investigations can provide the court evidence you need to be able to bring a strong case for termination or reduction of your alimony payments.

What is alimony?
Alimony is financial support paid from one spouse to the other. Typically the higher-earning spouse will be obligated to financially support the lower- earning or “supported” spouse after a divorce. Alimony can be temporary or lasting for a specific time period. Often alimony can be ordered as a permanent status, lasting until your ex-spouse remarries or is deceased.

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