Espionage can occur at any time and may be in progress now. Take the first step to lock down sensitive information with a quote from HPI.

Stop Leaks Cold with Proactive, Enterprise Solutions

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HPI’s dedicated TSCM Sweep Team features top industry professionals and the newest generation of counter surveillance equipment. Our enterprise programs are designed to be proactive to prevent and deter in addition to detecting, locating, and disabling threats and vulnerabilities from anywhere in your organization.

  • Investigative Services

Comprehensive security assessments identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited.


  • Security Consulting

Once suspicions arise, it’s often too late. Scheduled sweeps can spots bugs before serious leaks occur.


  • TSCM / Bug Sweep Services

Prevent acoustic eavesdropping which can not be detected electronically.


  • Device Investigations

Secure important meetings from illicit surveillance in real-time.


  • Research Investigations & Background Checks

Fortify soft targets including executive residences, vacation homes, hotel rooms and transportation methods.

Protect Your Business from Eavesdropping and Electronic Espionage

Are you considering a Corporate Bug Sweep (TSCM)? If your business competes in a hotly contested marketplace, is engaged in litigation, or is the target of protest or retaliation, it’s a prime candidate for electronic espionage.

With wireless listening devices readily available and less expensive than ever before, even an amateur can quickly and easily eavesdrop on your most sensitive communications. Business environments offer endless opportunities for covert devices: desks, drop ceilings, office equipment, picture frames, wall-mounted jacks, computers, phones, delivery trucks, aircraft, autos and even an executives’ homes.

End the uncertainty and protect sensitive communications with TSCM Sweep Services (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) from HPI.

Listening Devices

Hidden and covert audio and video devices can be impossible to find without professional equipment and expertise.

Telephone Systems

Wiretaps are a traditional method of espionage and new technology gives eavesdroppers access to fax machines and teleconferencing devices.

Computers & Software

Computers offer intruders built-in cameras and microphones plus keystroke logging and data theft vulnerabilities.

Office Equipment

Copiers, printers, and other non-communication office equipment are capable of saving or transmitting data.

Mobile Devices

Phones and tablets are particularly dangerous, as they follow their owners everywhere. Detecting and removing spyware and malware requires expert assistance.

Vehicles & GPS Trackers

Newer cars may be susceptible to hacks with Bluetooth and other technology as well as installed GPS units.

Offices & Facilities

The construction of your office or an off-site facility could have acoustical leakage, optical loopholes and other non-technical vulnerabilities.


Many homes have security systems and other owner-installed functions that, in the wrong hands, can be used against you.

Rely on the Experts

HPI’s bug sweep team is dedicated exclusively to counter surveillance methods and brings world class experience to you.

Led by Tim Keener, a 20 year veteran of the Technical Security Division of the U.S. Secret Service responsible for technical security for the President, Vice President and foreign leaders of state.

Supported by highly-specialized technicians with industry-leading experience and training in surveillance detection, mobile device forensics and communication systems.

Corporate Bug Sweep Services (TSCM)

Security Concerns

HPI Assessment & Plan

Advanced Detection

Strategic Plans

Do outsiders know more than they should about plans and trade secrets? Are you noticing inconsistencies with phones or electronics? Espionage is likely if you are…

Involved in current or potential litigation

Developing strategic plans (i.e. mergers, acquisitions, public announcements)

Controversial, a target of protests

HPI’s TSCM Bug Sweep Team applies decades of experience to assess problems and develop an emergency or proactive counter surveillance plan.

Former FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security

Decades of experience in technical and physical security

Advanced procedural and field training

HPI’s investment in the newest equipment provides world class technology on par with elite federal law enforcement.

State-of-the-art technical security equipment

Forensic analysis capabilities

Proven track record finding bugs other have missed

With espionage vulnerabilities eliminated, privacy restored, and potential crises avoided your business can proceed with business as usual.

Strategic plans move forward with confidence

Proprietary and private information is secure

Potential crises avoided

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Offices Thoughout the Southeast

Strategic locations in Georgia and Florida enable rapid response to cases throughout the Southeast. Should your needs extend beyond the region, we maintain a global network of associates who provide expert support across the United States and around the world.

Hawk PI delivers the same integrity and professionalism, no matter where your case leads us.

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