Child Custody

  • Ask The Expert: Can I Trust Apps?

    Question: Can I trust the applications that I download on my phone? Answer: The market is flooded with apps for everything imaginable now. Apps with bad code can put the user, device, network and information stored on the device at risk. Knowing which apps you can trust depends on a few variables – most significantly, the type of device that […]
  • The Learning Curve of Digital Evidence

    Digital evidence on cell phones and mobile devices is changing the landscape of the U.S. legal system.
  • How can Computer & Cell Phone Forensics help in a child custody dispute?

    Do you have a computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone that you share with your spouse? There may be evidence on that device that could provide you with leverage during a child custody matter. If you have legal access to or have been ordered by the court you may wish to have a digital forensics investigation carried out on one […]
  • How can Surveillance help a Child Custody Investigation?

    A private investigator can ease your mind when you have concerns about your children when they are not in your care. Who interacts with your children? What kind of environments are they being exposed to? How much time does the other parent spend with your children? Are your children being exposed to drugs & alcohol? Are clauses in your custody […]
  • Is proof of child endangerment helpful when trying to get custody of a child?

    Is proof of child endangerment helpful when trying to get custody of a child? Courts often take into account documented evidence of child endangerment and inappropriate behavior when ruling on child custody cases. Listed below are some examples of the types of evidence that may be helpful if you are concerned that one of the child’s potential guardians is not […]
  • Using a GPS for Infidelity & Child Custody Investigations

    Michael Deegan, senior investigator at Hawk Private Investigations, discusses some of the factors in considering the use of a GPS tracking unit in infidelity, child custody, and other family law investigations at the 2012 Georgia Institute of Continuing Legal Education Family Law Institute. Using GPS tracking units often lead to more questions than answers – only surveillance can determine who […]
  • Background Investigation for Child Custody

    Hawk Private Investigations was hired in regards to a child custody investigation.  The child in question, Samantha was living with her mother; Samantha’s father had passed away the year before.  Samantha’s maternal grandparents were petitioning the court for custody, claiming Samantha’s mother was unfit.  Upon a temporary hearing the court ordered Samantha in the custody of her mother, with visitations […]