• Ask The Expert: Can I Trust Apps?

    Question: Can I trust the applications that I download on my phone? Answer: The market is flooded with apps for everything imaginable now. Apps with bad code can put the user, device, network and information stored on the device at risk. Knowing which apps you can trust depends on a few variables – most significantly, the type of device that […]
  • Hackable Keyboards and Mice

    You can now add non-bluetooth wireless keyboards and mice to your list of “hackables”. Bastille, a cybersecurity research company, recently discovered two vulnerabilities affecting wireless, non-Bluetooth keyboards and mice. These vulnerabilities could allow hackers to eavesdrop on your keystrokes and expose your sensitive data including credit card and banking information, social security number and passwords. Devices susceptible to the newly […]
  • Ask The Expert: Installing Spyware

    Hawk PI's cell phone forensics expert weighs in on the likelihood of someone installing spyware on your phone.
  • The Art of Love and War

    Who would have imagined that a 5th century BC book by a Chinese military strategist would be relevant in modern time – in sports, business and even our personal lives. The Art of War by Sun Tzu is devoted to the subject of warfare and discusses strategies for waging and ultimately winning a war. The final chapter focuses on, arguably […]
  • Mobile Device Forensics Now Available

    August 23, 2016 (Atlanta, GA) – Attorneys and law enforcement agents across the state of Georgia have new access to an investigative tool. Hawk Professional Investigations (Hawk PI) is proud to be one of the first in Georgia to offer expanded capabilities of mobile device forensics. Device forensics and it’s output – digital evidence – is a new and emerging […]
  • Top 6 Vulnerabilities: An Open Door for Corporate Espionage

    Corporate Espionage: Top 6 Vulnerabilities. Most companies don't realize how and where they are vulnerable. Have you considered these possibilities?
  • Prepare Your Small Business for the Holiday Season

    You may have noticed a twinkling Christmas light around your office lately. The holiday season is upon us and all of the merriment and festivities are in full swing. However, hidden just below the surface are some of the lesser discussed effects of the holidays – more stress, less time and a lot of money being spent. While it might […]
  • Protect Trade Secrets

    Security experts and the FBI estimate that U.S. companies will lose $400 billion in 2015 to cyber-attacks, corporate espionage and theft of trade secrets.
  • The Technical Side of TSCM

    The TSCM equipment utilized by Hawk Private Investigations examines radio and infrared frequency using a variety of input instruments to detect carrier current devices on AC power lines. These surreptitious devices utilize electrical wiring to transmit audio signals. For example, a listening device could be hardwired into an electrical socket, and using the electrical wiring transmitted and monitored away from […]