Cell Phone Tracking for Legal Professionals

Brought to you by Envista Forensics and Hawk PI


In this 60-minute class, Eric Grabski of Envista Forensics will:

  • Provide attendees with an overview of how the cellular system works and how the system’s information can be used to determine the historical location of a cell phone.
  • Educate attendees on the primary form of evidence in cases involving cell site location information (CSLI), which are Call Detail Records (CDRs). They will learn how the data contained in the CDRs are used for creating maps of location activity.
  • Attendees will learn the proper form of analysis for location activities derived from CDRs. This section will also cover common problems with automated software programs commonly used by examiners and the pitfalls and common errors generated by these programs when not manually reviewed by a qualified examiner.
  • Along with CDRs, attendees will learn about other forms of location evidence that can be recovered from third-party data sources, including Google and Facebook, as well as location data contained on the physical mobile phone itself.
  • A packet will be provided to attendees with subpoenas, motions, orders and protocols related to digital evidence. They will learn how to gain access to the location evidence.
This program is approved for the following CLE credits:
  • Alabama – 1.0 Credits
  • Florida – 1.0 Technology Credits
  • Georgia – 1.0 Credits

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