Amanda D. Argo

Assistant Director


Amanda’s exceptional skills and team management ensure that Hawk PI cases are the most thorough in the industry.

Amanda joined Hawk PI as a research analyst in 2007. Throughout her tenure she has worked tirelessly to hone her research skills through continuous training on research databases and other investigative tools. She has developed a network of nationwide and worldwide associates enabling her to successfully complete most any investigative assignment anywhere in the world.

In addition to her meticulous research skills and vast network of professional associates, Amanda was promoted to the CFO/Treasurer of Hawk PI and has excelled in her corporate duties as well. Amanda is responsible for ensuring proper training, licensing and continued educational requirements of Hawk PI personnel as well as maintaining compliance policies and insurance requirements for all state licensing for Hawk PI.

Amanda is acclaimed for her problem solving insight, team leadership, communication, and cost management skills. Such diverse talents, borne from the highly disciplined field of research, ensure that Hawk PI investigations are among the most thorough in the industry.


More than 12 years of experience in investigations.

  • Director, Insurance Investigations
  • Research Analyst
  • Corporate Vice President

Professional Affiliations


  • Associate of Science in Psychology, Georgia Perimeter College
  • Associate of Science in Criminal Justice, Georgia Perimeter College
  • Master of Paralegal Studies Certificate, Washington Online Learning Institute