White Collar Investigations Team

Special Investigators


Hawk PI’s team of seasoned white collar investigators provides assistance with employee fraud, intellectual property theft, accident probes, nursing home/medical fraud, due diligence examination, and other business-related investigations.

Comprised of professionals with a combined 125 years of investigative experience, members of this elite group have served Homeland Security, The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the Defense Intelligence Agency, in numerous law enforcement roles including drug trafficking, counter-terrorism, and SWAT.

Led by Daniel Thomas, their diverse skills offer Hawk PI clients a specialized, effective, and professional solution for commercial investigations.


Lee Burch’s career encompasses numerous investigations, both in the field and as an administrator. He has also provided consultation to law firms on accident investigation, nursing home fraud, and employee fraud investigations.

Rick Jiles has initiated and conducted numerous, complex investigations including kidnapping, gang violence, drug trafficking, and white collar crime, culminating in recognition as the U.S. Attorney’s Office (Northern District) State Officer of the Year.

Patrick Skinner’s experience is with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. While assigned to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, he investigated criminal activities, conducted crime scene searches, identified individuals, and tracked movement of funds in numerous drug trafficking cases.

James Tarvin’s 37 years of experience include conducting background investigations for the Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and other federal agencies, in addition to field investigations of drug trafficking, health care fraud, and identity theft.

Curtis Wade, Jr. was a frequently commended member of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for 17 years, with assignments ranging from background investigations to healthcare fraud, drug trafficking, homicides, and white collar crime. He was also a crisis negotiator for the SWAT Team.