I have worked with Tom and his firm on a number of cases in several states and his professionalism, level of expertise and attention to detail is unrivaled in his field.

Paul Johnson

They exhibit the utmost professionalism and have a great ability to communicate with clients going through the turmoil of a nasty divorce.

Trinity Hundredmark

Working with Tom Hawkins and his staff was a very unique experience in today’s marketplace. Tom’s team of consummate professionals completed the assignment in a very timely manner, getting me the quick results that I needed. The people that you are working with are actually NICE and care about you and your needs.


Tom Hawkins and his staff handle themselves very professionally and competently when dealing with the attorney, the client and when called upon to testify in Court. I recently had a very difficult custody battle and the fine investigative work of Hawk is what made all the difference in the final Judgment.

Amy L. Kaye, Esq.

Let me express my gratitude for the many years of professional diligent services you rendered to our firm and numerous clients. Your ethics, ingenuity, and conscientiousness have been greatly appreciated.

Jeffrey B. Bogart

I highly recommend Hawk Private Investigations to any and all needing the service you provide. I commend Tom Hawkins, Amanda and your entire staff for a job well done, and I thank you from the bottom of a mother’s heart.

M.W. from Scotia, NY

I trust Hawk Investigations to take care of my client’s needs and to make sound judgments on the cost effectiveness of their tasks. They are prepared for court when called upon to testify. I highly recommend Tom Hawkins and Hawk Investigations.

Elizabeth Green Lindsey

He is more than just skilled, thorough and fair. He is a partner offering advice and suggestions aimed at achieving the best results for the costs involved. If there is a private investigator better than Tom Hawkins, I have not met him.

Edward E. Bates

Hawk P.I. employs the latest technologies available and they are excellent at conducting investigations. If there is something to be found, Hawk P.I. will nail their subject.

David Schachter

Mr. Hawkins is able to provide detailed information that completely and favorably change the dynamics of a civil case.

Jon Hedgepeth

It has been my pleasure to use Hawk Professional Investigations on several occasions, and my clients have consistently reported satisfaction with the work product.

Jonathan Dunn

Tom Hawkins and Hawk P.I. have been instrumental in my family law practice for the past several years. Hawk P.I. ethically conducts thorough investigations with consistently exceptional results, all the while keeping their costs and fees reasonable.

David Marple