Find and Detect Eavesdropping and Listening Devices

If you suspect hidden listening or video devices are putting you or your business at risk, our comprehensive sweeps can help. In addition to surveillance detection, sweeps may include inspection of mobile devices, telephone systems and your physical spaces including buildings, vehicles and residences.

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    When protecting proprietary information, a strong offense is your best defense. HPI offers contract sweep services at unpredictable intervals to keep eavesdroppers guessing and ensure that once your site is safe, it remains that way. Preventative sweeps provide confidence that important conversations are secure and act as a deterrent to new espionage efforts.

    When privacy is critical for negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, or board meetings, HPI maintains privacy with pre-meeting sweeps plus real-time monitoring during the event. HPI provides a physical and electronic search to neutralize unauthorized devices in walls, ceilings, and furnishings as well as AV equipment and phones. Attendees can be assured that sensitive information will remain private.

    While onsite security is a crucial first step, private conversations can occur anywhere. Vulnerabilities associated with home offices, vacation properties, aircraft, boats, and fleet vehicles can be particularly difficult to control. HPI offers TSCM Sweep Services to protect sensitive discussions wherever they occur, including travel between locations.

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    If your need is urgent, call us immediately (770) 760-0071.