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If you require an investigation into insurance fraud or other insurance defense claims, please complete the intake form below. A Risk Manager will assess the information provided and contact you within 24 hours to acknowledge the assignment and discuss any particular details/concerns.

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    Hawk PI Fee Structure

    Labor Hourly Fees charged by Hawk PI

    $125.00 per Person, per Hour, plus expenses.
    This rate is for any and all necessary, appropriate and approved investigative time applied to the assignment including surveillance, research, administrative/report writing and final report production. All necessary and appropriate time applied to the assignment is compensable at this rate. For surveillance operations, Hawk PI only accepts a minimum of 8 hour per day assignments.

    Travel Time

    Actual travel time, at the above rates, will be charged to and from assignments, with a maximum of 1 hour per day each way, (2 hours), from the nearest advertised service locations in Georgia and Florida.


    Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Gainesville, Macon, Savannah


    Miami, Tampa


    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery


    Mileage per vehicle is charged at the rate of $0.60 per mile to, from and on the job, from the nearest advertisement service location.


    Any and all necessary and appropriate expenses, including database and court fees, are invoiced at cost. In some multi-day cases, is may be deemed more cost effective to incur lodging and per diem costs in lieu of travel time. In these instances, this will be requested and approved in advance before incurring these costs.

    Use of Additional Investigators

    When the possibility of mobile surveillance is anticipated, Hawk PI highly recommends the use of two surveillance operatives and vehicles, at a minimum.

    Since 1988, Hawk PI has consistently proven the use of the proper amount of man-power on the assignments greatly increases the success rate of your assignment and reduces the risk of the surveillance being compromised. The use of two investigators is not required, but highly recommended to produce the highest quality of results.

    Do you approve Hawk PI to utilize additional investigators if deemed beneficial to your case?


    Budgets are based on the hourly rate of $125.00 per person per hour. All time applied to the assignment is compensable.

    I acknowledge that the estimate provided by Hawk Professional Investigations will be based exclusively on the information I have entered on this form. Any changes to the scope of work will cause additional fees beyond those described in the estimate. I will have the right to approve any additional fees prior to incurring them. I understand and acknowledge that all fees are based on the time applied to the assignment and are not in any way contingent upon the results. All information submitted is confidential. I accept these terms on behalf of my firm/company and/or my client. I understand, agree and acknowledge that time applied to this assignment is not only limited to on the job surveillance hours, plus travel, but also includes administrative, investigative, and case management time. I fully understand and agree that all time applied to the assignment is compensable to Hawk PI.

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