Hawk PI has a team of well-trained investigators and support staff with a wide range of knowledge and experience relevant to automobile liability claims, including legal, engineering, bio-mechanics, accident investigation, and medical treatment.

Automobile product liability investigations may require any or all of the following:

  • Locating and interviewing witnesses, law enforcement, EMS and other responders
  • Locating and analyzing reports and documentation related to the accident
  • Accident scene investigation and accident reconstruction if needed
  • Providing thorough written and photographic documentation of all aspects of the accident
  • Document and safeguarding evidence collected during the investigation
  • Conducting further investigations as needed on individuals involved in the accident
  • Coordinate expert research, analysis and testimony

We strive to provide a complete detail of the accident and potential contributing factors, backed up by well-documented evidence and interviews, so our clients are never at a disadvantage through the claim or legal process.

If you are facing an automobile product liability claim, it is critical to begin the investigation as soon as possible to be able to document and preserve the evidence as thoroughly as possible.  Contact Hawk PI today to discuss your claim or concerns.