Find Evidence on a Cell Phone

Find and Recover Text Messages, Phone Logs & More. Today’s smartphones can perform functions that were possible only with a computer just a few years ago. In fact, the tables have turned. Many applications are only supported on phones, with developers choosing to ignore cross-platform development for computers entirely, and this is understandable. While you may use your computer at work and at other intermittent times throughout the day, you don’t have constant access all the time as you do to the phone in your pocket, the constant companion.

Cell phones are used for everything from making calls and sending texts to transferring money and storing confidential documents. Cell phones store millions of data records in the form of emails, messages, pictures, location data, financial information, and thousands of others. Much of this data can be recovered even if it has been deleted.

Discover data on a cell phone with Hawk PI.

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Cell Phones Leave a Digital Trail

Data that is extracted provides evidence for your case.

  • Text messages
  • Social Media
  • Location History
  • Internet Activity
  • Search Activity
  • Emails
  • Photos & Videos
  • Voice Calls
  • Application Data
  • Financial Data
  • Compelling Evidence

The integrity of data obtained from a device investigation is objective, factual and accurate. There is no room for any exaggeration or falsifying of the information.


  • Immediate Results

Our device investigation experts can immediately access the contents of the device. Meaning, as soon as the legal access or court order is issued, the contents can be retrieved before the information can be altered or destroyed.


  • Use in a Variety of Cases

With the prevalence of technology in our personal and professional lives, the data retrieved can help in answering some of the who, what, when and where questions.


  • Indisputable Proof

The information is irrefutable if it goes to court. It is retrieved in a manner that preserves the evidence under forensically-acceptable conditions, ensuring that it is court-admissible.


Finding Information on a Device





Collecting data involves using forensic techniques and procedures to copy information from devices. The collection should include:

Objectives of Investigation

Confirmation of Ownership

Review of Privacy Expectations

Maintaining Chain of Custody

Forensic Techniques & Procedures

Examining a device includes a systematic approach to review data to locate relevant information. Data can include:

Current & Deleted Files

Browser History & Searches

Connections & Paired Devices

Emails & Text Messages

Pictures, Videos & Audio

Location Information

The analysis involves interpreting the data to draw conclusions relevant to the investigative request. The data can reveal:

Date & Times - Timeline of relevant activity during a specific timeframe

Communications - Connections and activity

Locations - Visited and frequented

Keyword & Searches - Interested topics and trends

The report summarizes the collection, examination and analysis in a format that is easily understood and is admissible in court. The report will include:

Purpose of the Investigation

Data Source with photographs of device

Collection Details & Forensic Tools

Examination Process

Correlations & Conclusions from Analysis

Forensics Experts

Hawk PI’s forensics experts ensure that no stone goes unturned. We can assist in any phase of the digital forensics examination and have the forensic technology, certifications, and experience to provide the best outcomes for our clients, regardless of the amount or variety of data sources and the trajectory of the case.

No matter what, our experts treat every case like it will go to court.