Civil & Criminal Records Searches

Get the answers you needUsing a combination of database searches and our extensive network of researchers and investigators, Hawk Professional Investigations can provide the information you need in a timely manner. Some searches require a release form signed by the individual the investigation is being completed on.  Court copies are available for an additional fee.

If you need a comprehensive overview of all information available, a complete background investigation may be the best solution.

Most Common Records Searches

Criminal Records

Criminal history searches can include state/national database searches or a detailed, hands-on search of county court records. Criminal history reports can include a summary of convictions, with dates or copies of all court documents related to the case.  A criminal background check may turn up arrest records, DUI records, felony convictions, sex offenders, warrants, and more, in county, state, or federal, jurisdictions.

Litigation History

Does the person or company you’re dealing with have a history of frequent lawsuits? Knowing this before forming a relationship with them could save you a lot of headaches and money.

License Verification

We will verify that professional licenses are valid and have not expired or been revoked. This can include licenses and certifications relating to medical/healthcare, education, legal, hazardous material, and more.

Marriage & Divorce Records

Searching marriage and divorce records can be very insightful when evaluating the future of a relationship or investigating infidelity.

Financial Records

Potential financial records, that do not require a signed release, include property/real estate records, property liens, bankruptcy, lien searches (including mortgage liens, construction liens, mechanic liens, contractor liens, service liens, tax liens), title searches, UCC filings, and more.

Media Searches

The internet and other media sources hold a wealth of information on individuals and companies. Trust our experts to get the information you need.

Below are the searches that require a signed release form from the individual on whom the search is being conducted.

Driving Records

A DMV/driving record report is essential when hiring employees who will be driving a company vehicle or if you are trusting someone to transport your child. The driving record report includes summary of driving record, traffic violations & tickets, DUI records, and suspensions.

Education Verification

With competition increasing for jobs, prospective employees may be more likely to ‘adjust’ their resume to make them seem more qualified. The Education Verification Report contains the school name, degree, major, and graduation date.

Employment Verification/Work History

A prospective employee’s employment history may also be embellished on their resume. We will verify that the applicant actually worked for the company, their dates of employment, position/title, and reason for leaving.

In protecting yourself, your family, and your business, it is important to thoroughly investigate the people you are considering adding to the fold. Hawk Professional Investigations can provide the research you need, from a criminal history search to a full background investigation, to help you establish whether a person is worthy of your trust.