GPS tracking** has many potential uses for businesses and individuals. Any time you need to know the location of your vehicle(s) or equipment, GPS tracking devices can provide the answer. Hawk Professional Investigations meets and exceeds client expectations by utilizing the experience and ingenuity of our investigators and employing the use of state-of-the-art technology.

By utilizing our GPS tracking system in personal and/or company vehicles, clients are equipped with an invaluable tool with countless protection and monitoring capabilities, including:

  • Tracking a stolen vehicle, no matter the location
  • Rescuing victims of a kidnapping or hijacking
  • Tracking stranded motorists
  • Overseeing the location of teenage drivers
  • Monitoring a child’s location during custody issues
  • Assisting in investigations of infidelity, fraud and theft

If a problem is identified, we can immediately dispatch the appropriate support team, whether you need surveillance and photo/video evidence or other services.

To learn how GPS tracking technology can provide valuable information for you, contact Hawk Professional Investigations today.


** GPS tracking laws vary by jurisdiction. Hawk Professional Investigations abides by all state & local laws when performing investigations. Contact us for more information.