Is your child’s parent refusing to pay child support?  Are you trying to locate a long lost relative?  Do you need to locate a witness involved in your court case?

Hawk PI’s research investigators are able to conduct these searches and locate the individual you are searching for using our network of professionals, training and intuition.  In order to begin a locate investigation, we will need the individuals name, last known address, social security number, date of birth, phone number or any combination of the above listed information.  You will be given the current address of the individual along with any phone numbers and email addresses that are located.

Contact us today so that we may help you locate the person you are looking for.

People Locates

Trying to locate your birth parents? An adopted sibling? Or a long lost relative? Hawk Professional Investigations can find the people you are searching for and provide you with the level of information you require.

Delinquent Parent / Child Support

Is your child’s parent eluding their child support responsibilities? Do you need their current address to serve them, so you and your child can get the support you deserve? We can locate the delinquent parent, and determine if they have an income source through surveillance.

Witness Location

Trying to locate a witness involved in your court case? Hawk Professional Investigations has years of experience and a network of resources that extend our search capabilities. We can also provide court admissible witness interviews, if needed.