Bug Sweeps protect information from malicious eavesdropping and listening devices.

Importance of a Bug Sweep – Keeping data and communications private has never been more important. Once acquired, sensitive and proprietary information can go viral before an organization is even aware of a breach. The only way to protect your business is to keep private information private.

In this high-pressure environment, many leading businesses and individuals choose Hawk PI to identify and prevent vulnerabilities, averting damaging attacks through our Bug Sweep Services (TSCM).

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Eavesdropping can occur at any time and may be happening now. A comprehensive sweep will find any hidden listening devices, cameras or other covert devices. Take the first step to detect and prevent eavesdropping.

Bug Sweeps & Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

A Bug Sweep is a search for electronic eavesdropping devices, also known as a TSCM Sweep. Hawk PI expands the definition to conduct a thorough and comprehensive sweep of devices, techniques, and locations that must be assessed to ensure security.

Hawk PI’s bug sweeps utilize TSCM equipment on par with those used by the FBI, CIA, And Department of Defense including spectrum analyzers, laser light sources, cabling trackers, and wire trackers used inside devices to locate and disable threats.

Comprehensive Bug Sweeps for Listening Devices

Left undetected, these small, silent, and often invisible surveillance techniques can have severe consequences for your business. TSCM services from Hawk PI can stop intruders in their tracks.

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Listening Devices

Hidden and covert audio and video devices can be impossible to find without professional equipment and expertise.

Telephone Systems

Wiretaps are a traditional method of espionage. New implementations are fax machines and teleconferencing devices.

Computers & Software

Computers offer intruders built-in cameras and microphones plus keystroke logging and data theft vulnerabilities.

Office Equipment

Copiers, printers, and other non-communication office equipment are capable of saving or transmitting data.

Cell Phones & Tablets

Any device at a location can be a vulnerability due to the connected accounts and installed applications.

Vehicles & GPS Trackers

Newer cars may be susceptible to hacks with Bluetooth and other technology as well as installed GPS units.

Offices & Facilities

The construction of your office or an off-site facility could have acoustical leakage, optical loopholes and other non-technical vulnerabilities.


Many homes have security systems and other owner-installed functions that, in the wrong hands, can be used against you.

Rely on the Experts

Hawk PI’s bug sweep team is dedicated exclusively to counter surveillance methods and brings world class experience to you.

Led by Tim Keener, a 20 year veteran of the Technical Security Division of the U.S. Secret Service responsible for technical security for the President, Vice President and foreign leaders of state.

Supported by highly-specialized technicians with industry-leading experience and training in surveillance detection, mobile device forensics and communication systems.