Hawk PI Now Offers Intervention Services with the Addition of Brad Baker

Through thousands of investigations we have observed that there is often the underlying cause of the case and its associated legal issues. A person may exhibit a change in behavior that affects the people around them, the quality of work they perform as well as their own personal hygiene and actions.

In such cases, the investigation is just part of the puzzle. These symptoms poses difficult questions about recurring issues, continued employment, subsequent liability, and the question most critical to the future of your client, your client’s family, and employer:

What’s next?

Hawk PI now offers Intervention Services to answer that question and help your client get started on the path to recovery.

In addition to the obvious health benefits, voluntary engagement in recovery can have a positive impact on court rulings, employment trouble, personal or professional reputation, and damaged relationships, while simultaneously reducing legal exposure. Interventions can even dovetail with investigative services for maximum speed and efficiency.

An intervention can be applied to virtually any chronic, progressive, and damaging behavior, and is often used to combat:

  • Alcoholism
  • Severe anxiety/depression
  • Drug addiction
  • Serial infidelity/sex addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Video game and computer addiction

Motivating someone to seek treatment, outlining a treatment path, and supporting them through the process is a complex endeavor. It requires experience, planning, knowledge of available resources, and follow-though, all of which must be meticulously coordinated. Hawk PI Intervention Services supports your client through:

  • Confirmation of the problem
  • Treatment options
  • The intervention event
  • Secure transportation to treatment
  • Post-treatment follow-through

Ensuring top tier service is Bradley Baker, head of Hawk PI Intervention Services. Brad has more than 30 years experience in both adult and youth addiction and treatment. He has led hundreds of interventions and helped numerous businesses and families escape the painful, costly cycle of addiction.

As with all services from Hawk PI, intervention services are provided with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism.

We see this new service as a necessary – and long neglected – component of support for the legal community, providing expert help without the need to research resources, perform additional briefings, and coordinate new  service providers.

To learn more about how Hawk PI Intervention Services can successfully integrate with an investigation, call Bradley Baker today at (800) 499-4295 to schedule a free consultation.




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Hawk Professional Investigations

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