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From time to time, Hawk Professional Investigations has the opportunity to present to law firms and corporations to help them to learn about current investigative topics. In order to provide you with information most relevant to your firm, please complete the quick, 2-minute survey below. We will customize our presentation to match your needs.

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Device Forensics - HOT Topic

Legal Considerations - With little to no case law, discussion with regards to abandonment, ownership and expectations of privacy.

Capabilities - What is possible on most devices?

Let's Talk Devices - Cell phones, computers, cars, GPS, Alexa, etc.

Image Now, Read Later - Protect information, you may only get one chance.

E-Discovery - Why and How.

Tips for Safe Surfing - Avoiding identity theft and internet theft.

Common Vulnerabilities - Passwords, Wi-Fi, Spyware and the risks of over-collection and potential exposure.


Family Law Cases

Expectations of Privacy

Whose car is it anyway? - GPS tracking and marital property.

Offensive and Defensive Considerations - No matter which side you are on, arm your client with information to facilitate a better outcome.

How will hiring an investigative firm help my case? - Understand the leverage provided by an investigator inside and outside a courtroom.


Corporate Cases

Company Devices and Passwords - Who has the rights? Proper documentation can make a difference.

Copyright and Trademark Infringement

Workers Compensation Cases

Employee Theft Cases


Specialty Cases

Accident Investigations Accident Investigations

Crime Scene Investigations - How could your case benefit from trace evidence?

Elder Abuse & Neglect - Use of background investigations and interviews in one of the fastest growing crimes.

Protective Services - Uses for custody exchanges, protective security and trademark.

Undercover Operations - Long-term investigations using operatives to identify and gather evidence on corporate and white collar crimes.


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