Attract and Retain Clients with TSCM

There’s no doubt that technical security is the buzz of our profession these days. TSCM and mobile device forensics are the new PI frontier.

But unlike our traditional investigative techniques, TSCM has a substantial cost of entry. A minimum of tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and multiple, highly trained experts.

Hawk PI has made the investment in both world-class experts and equipment. And we want to partner with you.

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Add TSCM Capabilities

Partner with HPI to add technical security without commitment, investments or training.

Make Our TSCM Team Yours

Over the past few years Hawk PI has assembled an all-star team of TSCM pros, supporting them with technology on par with that used by top-tier federal agencies. The result is Hawk PI’s Technical Security Division, ready for immediate deployment as your TSCM team.

The team is led by Tim Keener, a 20 year veteran of the Technical Security Division of the U.S. Secret Service responsible for technical security for the President, Vice President and foreign leaders of state. He is supported by experts from the digital forensics and telecommunications field.

Our Approach to Partnering

Our Experts

Our Technology

Your Timeline

Your Satisfied Clients

HPI has assembled an all-star team with years of training and experience in TSCM, mobile device forensics, and telecommunications.

Extensive Experience

Top-Tier Training

HPI’s investment in the newest, most comprehensive equipment provides our team with world class technology on par with top federal law enforcement.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Superior Capabilities

You determine when, where, and how to deploy the HPI team. With 24-hour mobilization and nationwide coverage, help is as close as your telephone.

24-Hour Response

Nationwide Coverage

Structured to enhance trust and eliminate competitive concerns, HPI works for and through your firm. You control billing, contact, and your client relationship.

You Control Client Relationship

No Commitment or Investment

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