Evidence is Leverage

Hawk Professional Investigations provides legal professionals, businesses, and individuals with the foundation of every legal action and investigation:


Documented facts are the ultimate leverage in legal casework and investigations, and that’s what Hawk PI delivers, promptly, legally, and with the utmost professionalism.

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Areas of Expertise

Computer & Cell Phone Forensics

Forensic examinations will continue to have an increasing impact on the digital evidence available for cases. Access to this information, including call history, contact, texts, photos and more, allows you to be better prepared and arms you with compelling evidence.


Photo or video evidence, acquired by an impartial third party, can give you an advantage in court and may help avoid a lengthy & expensive court battle by encouraging the offender to settle in your favor.

Electronic Surveillance Detection
aka TSCM or Debugging

Privacy is diminishing in our electronic world. Our TSCM team has the equipment, training and experience to examine your home, business and vehicle to give you confidence that your conversations and actions are private.

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