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Case Studies

It’s hard to know where to start when deciding to hire an investigator. Below you can find useful articles on topics such as what to look for in a private investigator, how evidence can impact your decisions and ultimately any legal cases.

Case Study: Catfishing

Catfish /’kat, fiSH/ – to lure someone into a relationship by means of an online fictional persona. Words with new meanings are popping up all

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CEO illegally monitored

The CEO of an Atlanta company received information that he was going to be illegally monitored. Hawk Private Investigations’ staff installed equipment to monitor all

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The Workaholic

Hawk Private Investigations was contacted by an attorney who informed us that his client did not want to hire an investigative firm to check into

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A Girls Weekend Getaway

A physician in Savannah became suspicious of his wife’s frequent weekend getaways with her girlfriends. She would never tell him exactly where they were staying,

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