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Security Consulting

Prepare for security risks before they become crises. Identify, mitigate and manage security vulnerabilities with Hawk PI.

Security Consulting protects your organization from today’s rapidly evolving security threats and requires a comprehensive strategy. Only by integrating physical, operational and digital security can you effectively manage threats from intruders, natural disasters, incidents of violence and more.

Hawk PI security experts apply top-tier experience and training to your security needs, including specialists formerly with the U.S. Secret Service Presidential Protective Division, the FBI, and elite state and local law enforcement.

Whether you have internal security resources or need complete tactical support, Hawk PI is uniquely qualified to guide you through the complete security continuum, from identifying vulnerabilities to organizing tactical responses.

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, private schools to large public organizations, Hawk PI provides comprehensive solutions for your entire security landscape.

Comprehensive Solutions for Security Landscapes

Protect your organization from today’s rapidly evolving security threats through a comprehensive strategy.

Risk Assessment

Prioritizing risks and focusing on the most critical security gaps can minimize damage in case of emergency.

Strategic Security Planning

Working with detailed audit and assessment data, Hawk PI will develop a holistic security strategy encompassing physical, operational and digital threat vectors.

Process-Informed Security

Effective security is the result of meticulous planning rooted in a proven, process-driven approach. Hawk PI Security Consulting Services relies on this discipline to prepare your organization for current and future threats.

Physical and Technical Security Audits

A thorough review of security measures can identify vulnerabilities exploitable by eavesdroppers, intruders, or natural disasters.

Policy/Procedures Review & Development

Even the best plans can fail without comprehensive implementation. Hawk PI draws on decades of security experience to design security procedures to meet your unique needs.

Emergency Response Training

Effective response training can be the difference between inconvenience and tragedy. Trust Hawk PI to prepare your team for emergencies including active shooters, espionage and natural disasters.

Take Steps to Protect

Executives & Personnel

Keep team members safe and protected from eavesdropping and surveillance as well as physical threats.

Intellectual Property

Often an organizations’ most valuable asset, intellectual property can be stolen through digital exploits or listening devices.


Protect inventory, tooling and other valuable assets from internal or external forces.


Facilities are the first line of defense for employees, assets and crucial data. Security gaps can happen anywhere – warehouse, offices or even parking.


Public and private events are prime targets for illicit surveillance, protesters and potential physical violence.

Transportation & Travel

Fleet vehicles, aircraft and offsite facilities are easy targets for espionage and other potentially damaging activities.

Security Consulting Services

Security Concerns

Security Audit

Risk Assessment

Strategic Plan

Your organization has valuable assets – personnel, intellectual property, facilities. All of these can have vulnerabilities from external or internal threats.

  • Involved in current or potential litigation?
  • Targeted by protests or threats?
  • Plagued by disappearing assets?

Hawk PI’s experienced team reviews physical, operations and technology systems to determine vulnerability to attacks.

  • Compile procedures from all departments
  • Review procedures and plans for vulnerabilities
  • Assess current security performance

Former Secret Service and elite law enforcement personnel evaluate risks to isolate the most critical threats.

  • Define security risks
  • Prioritize risks
  • Formulate solutions

Hawk PI experts create a comprehensive, integrated security strategy designed to address your greatest risks and key vulnerabilities.

  • Proactive counter-surveillance methods
  • Improved physical security procedures
  • Emergency response planning