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A Girls Weekend Getaway

A physician in Savannah became suspicious of his wife’s frequent weekend getaways with her girlfriends. She would never tell him exactly where they were staying, choosing instead to simply say, call me on my cell if you need me because we will rarely be in the room. Hawk Private Investigations’ investigators scheduled surveillance for the next upcoming girls weekend getaway. Upon leaving her residence, she traveled directly to the airport where she met with an unidentified male who was already there. They parked her car at the airport and departed in his, but not before our investigators obtained video footage of public display of affection and them transferring her luggage from her vehicle into his.

The woman had told her husband that she and the girls were going to Atlanta for the weekend to shop and celebrate one of her friends birthdays. Her weekend getaway actually turned out to be to Amelia Island where she spent the entire weekend with her boyfriend at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Our investigators documented all activities observed throughout the weekend, which included oral sex on the balcony of their hotel room.

Subsequent research and investigation revealed the man was actually the husband of her best friend who had no idea the affair was going on. In fact, she had no idea that she was one of the girls who was supposed to be on the Atlanta weekend getaway with the physicians wife.

Due to the amount and nature of the evidence obtained by Hawk Private Investigations, the case settled very quickly with the stipulation that all of the original evidence be turned over to the woman at settlement so that no one could ever see it. The physician agreed and the settlement was completed.

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