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Corporate Theft Revealed…

Recently, Hawk Private Investigations was hired to look into allegations that product and merchandise was being stolen from the Atlanta plant of a multi-billion dollar provider of consumer packaging and industrial products provider.

Hawk Private Investigations provided stake out teams at the facility and eventually mobile surveillance teams to not only document and prove the theft was occurring, but also to worked as liaisons with local law enforcement. The evidence obtained on video of employee theft by agents of Hawk Private Investigations provided law enforcement with the proof they needed to apprehend the criminals.

This case was one of many cases worked by Hawk Private Investigations over the years that involved employee theft at distribution centers and trucking companies throughout the southeast.  Often, we find that it is a coordinated effort by employees working on the loading docks along with the drivers of the trucks to get the stolen merchandise away from the facility without being detected. It is difficult to prove the theft with stationary surveillance cameras alone. Through the use of mobile surveillance teams and gps tracking capabilities, Hawk Private Investigations can assist your company in properly investigating theft issues and provide the proof required apprehend and prosecute those involved.

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The details of the case study have been modified to protect confidentiality including identities, locations and any other recognizable information. Case studies and any description of matters are not intended as legal advice and should not be used that way.
Case studies and testimonials do not guarantee similar results. You should speak with Hawk PI about the specific details of your case.


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