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How to Become a Private Investigator Part 3 – Get Started!

Where can I get the required training in a classroom?

The private detective training course required for registration and licensing is currently offered at two locations in the Atlanta metro area. They are offered in a college classroom environment with in-person instruction.

Gwinnett Technical College
Instructor: Larry Davis
Mon & Wed nights from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. for 10 weeks
Clayton State College
Instructor: Tripp Mitchell
One night per week for 20 weeks

Can I take the required training through distance education or online?

While the course can be taken through a distance learning course, to meet the Georgia requirements, it must be facilitated by a certified instructor and meet the requirements of the Board for content and hours.

If you are interested in this option, please contact me directly to discuss.

I have read through the State Board Law and Rules but I am still confused on what steps I need to take to get started?

The steps can be very confusing and we are here to help. We have put together a Quick Start Guide of how to get started.

After completing all of the training requirements and decide in what manner you will work as a private investigator, you can apply to the Board to be registered as a private investigators. All applicants must submit fingerprints for the background investigation.  In Georgia, this is completed through Cogent Services and allows for prints to be completed and submitted via LiveScan. The board recommends that you submit your application and complete the fingerprinting within a few days so the results can be easily matched to your application

Once I open a company or become registered as a private investigator how long is the registration period?

In Georgia, company licenses expire on the June 30th of the odd numbered years while individual registrations expire on August 31st of the odd numbered years. All licenses and registrations must be renewed prior to these expiration dates.

What are the fees involved with the application process with the State Board?

The fee schedule is available on the Board website at Fee Schedule.pdf

How do I become a member of the Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators?

It is advantageous to join the Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators (GAPPI). The association is a resource for education and networking. The association has a monthly luncheon on the second Tuesday of each month and attendees receive one hour of continuing education credits. The luncheon is a great opportunity to network, stay-up-to-date on industry news and gain additional industry training.

I still have questions about getting started? Where can I get additional information?

After reading this series, you should have a better understanding of the process and to help guide you through. We have also developed an informational checklist that will help guide you through the process and provide additional resources along the way.

We have also put together a How to Become a Private Investigator Quick Start Guide to help simplify the process.

Thank you for reading this series.  I hope it was helpful to you.  One of my favorite quotes is “It is amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn’t know what one cannot do”. Do not defeat yourself by giving up or convincing yourself that something will never work or can’t be done. Good luck!


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