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Ten Discreet Signs of Marital Indiscretions

Did you find someone else’s lipstick on your spouse’s collar? Did you walk in on your spouse with another person?

The majority of signs of an extramarital affair might not be as obvious. No one wants to believe his or her spouse would be capable of cheating. And sometimes the “big” sign is only seen in hindsight and is several smaller, not-so-obvious indicators.

Is your spouse…

  1. Working long hours? Your spouse is working longer than normal hours and/or has unaccounted time. On the weekend, they may have “errands” to run that take several hours.
  2. Secretive about calls and text messages? They may be extremely protective of their cell phone and always keep it close – even when sleeping.
  3. Having private conversations? Your spouse may be stepping away to have “business” calls and constantly texting.
  4. Changing outward appearance and habits? You notice changes in the way your spouse dresses and they are increasingly concerned with their appearance. There may also be changes in music preference, hobbies and working out.
  5. Attending events solo? They may make excuses and find reasons not to involve you in events with co-workers or in other social events. The majority of affairs involve a co-worker or someone you may already know.
  6. Protective of their vehicle? Your spouse may refuse to let you use their vehicle and be protective of information about mileage, gas usage or GPS history.
  7. Secretive about business trip details? When on a “business trip”, they refuse to tell you the hotel or room number. To compensate for the ambiguity, they may say, “Reach me on my cell as I am going to be very busy.”
  8. Increasingly interested in another person? They may discuss one specific co-worker and know a lot of personal details. An extra small flag gets raised if this accompanies a comment like “what a bad marriage they are in.”
  9. Changes in sex drive? Your spouse may be detached and have a loss of interest in intimate situations.
  10. Having misdirected frustrations? They may constantly find problems with seemingly normal behaviors and may be overly defensive. It is important to know that this is about their frustrations and disappointment in themselves.

Individually these signs are not cause for a knee-jerk reaction. However, a combination of these may be a cause for further investigation. A private investigator can provide an objective view and discreetly determine if your concerns are valid, and provide the evidence you need to make an empowered decision on the direction of your next steps.

If you have concerns about infidelity, it is imperative that you do not do anything to alert them to your suspicions. If they think you suspect something, they will change their behavior, working harder to hide their indiscretions, making an investigation more complicated and expensive.

Did these signs create a doubt or leave you with a question? Talk to an investigator. Our experience goes beyond the scope of the investigations and extends to experience in helping our clients. We have over [yib] years of experience in helping people navigate these complicated and difficult times in their life, empowering them to make decisions based on facts instead of evidence.

Talk to an investigator now.



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