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Can you find the completely self-contained battery-powered wireless camera with audio capabilities?

A recent client said her privacy had been repeatedly compromised by her spouse from inside their home. Her estranged husband was effectively removed from the residence and had not been in the house in several months. She had the locks changed. She got a new cell phone and computer. She changed all passwords on all her accounts. She did everything she thought to do to protect her privacy. But still she claimed the alleged eavesdropping and harassment continued.

The client stated that she was so concerned about privacy in her home that she began taking phone calls out in the garage. But even still she believed her spouse continued to gain information he could not possibly know. Her friends and family all made her feel like she was imagining things that weren’t happening. She was struggling with her mental health, and it was taking a toll on her personal and professional life. No one believed her and she was now being accused of being excessively paranoid and that she should seek therapy. She claimed her spouse somehow knew all of this too and was making comments indicating that everyone thought she was crazy. She persisted.

A sweep of the residence was conducted, and the search did find evidence that home surveillance cameras had been used but were no longer present. Power cables for the devices were still plugged in but the cameras were no longer attached. The cables were found in unusual places that were not visible or accessible without a ladder or moving furniture. She was unaware that there had ever been cameras present inside the residence.

Additionally, a 10-foot endoscopic cable camera was found in a box of old tools that her husband had left behind. This camera was designed to be connected to a cell phone. It’s possible that such a camera could be hidden to spy on someone with video data stored on the device or remotely accessible through an application.

To the TSCM examiner, this was evidence that her spouse did have knowledge of and had devices that could be improperly used for electronic eavesdropping.

In addition, her spouse still had a garage door opener and access to the garage. And, if the interior door to the garage was left unlocked, he could still enter the home.

She was fully convinced that a recent phone call was overheard. She had that conversation in the garage. The garage was a difficult space to examine due to the amount of clutter and a large array of electronic components that were present. Using a Spectrum Analyzer, it was determined that there was a rogue RF signal emanating from the space that could not be identified and that was a cause for concern. After a thorough physical examination and using a thermal imager and a non-linear junction detector, a small black box for a non-electronic auto part was observed to contain electronics, an RF signal, and a heat signature. When the box was opened a battery-operated Wi-Fi camera was observed hidden inside. The device also had audio capabilities. A small hole was punched out of the box for the camera lens, but the device would have still recorded audio regardless of the camera being used or not. This device’s battery could last up to a year without recharging. The device was extremely well hidden. There’s no telling how long the device would have eavesdropped without being found if not for a thorough sweep.

The finding of the device was a very emotional moment for the client, but she handled it with strength and dignity. She had her privacy violated. She was manipulated. She was gaslit. Her close friends and family believed her to be unwell. Her spouse seemed to gloat in destroying her relationships with everyone she trusted. To have friends and family lose faith in your mental state is a trauma that can be extremely difficult to cope with. And then to be validated. The trauma of trusting again is no small thing. The guilt her friends and family must have. It’s a long road to recovery for her and others like her to regain any sense of normalcy. If not for a successful sweep, her life could have spiraled out of control and all her relationships permanently damaged.

Anyone with means can be a spy. Not everyone knows how to defend against spying. That’s when you reach out to professionals to help mitigate any unwarranted electronic eavesdropping threats.    

If you believe you are being spied on, contact Hawk PI today.


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