Home Bug Sweep

The First Step to Restore Privacy & Peace of Mind

If you suspect you are a victim of spying or think your home, car or other locations may be bugged, this form will help you be prepared for a consultation with a bug sweep expert. There is no obligation and fees are not incurred until we answer your questions and you approve a quote.

If preferable, you may also call us directly at (800) 499-4295.

Client Information

Bug Sweep Area


Please provide these details for the area to be searched:

Total SqFt
Mobile Devices


This worksheet is designed to help us provide an accurate quote for a Bug Sweep of your residence. In addition, Hawk Professional Investigations will use the information to begin formulating a plan. Please keep this document confidential, and do not discuss these services in any suspected areas or with people outside of a need to know basis.

The only equipment that we request that you have available to our technicians is a ladder capable of reaching the highest ceilings and any attic areas.

Once this form is received and reviewed, a representative of the HPI sweep team will contact you at the number you provided.

You can complete the form on line, or download and fill out off line. If completed off line please email to bugsweeps@hawkpi.com.


When communicating about this topic, please avoid areas you suspect are bugged or devices which may be compromised.

  • Phone systems
  • Personal mobile devices
  • Computers
  • Home WiFi networks