Are you looking at purchasing or selling a business? Investing in a business? Hiring a new executive? Offering credit to a new large customer?

Before you make any decisions, its best to know who you are dealing with. Hawk PI’s’ Due Diligence Investigations will give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions in regards to your business and help you minimize your risk in business dealings. Whether it’s an employee you are looking to hire that has falsified documents or a business which didn’t disclose its litigation history, not knowing these important facts can create a serious liability for a company that can cost thousands of dollars.

Due Diligence Investigations can include:

  • Education credentials and work history
  • Prior and pending lawsuits and criminal activity
  • Current and previously owned businesses
  • Personal history of company officers including divorce proceedings and bankruptcies
  • What type of reputation does the company and its officers have?
  • Is the company license active? Were documents filed properly and on time?
  • Asset verification

Contact us today to get the information you need before making important decisions about the future of your company.