News: Carroll County Approves SHIELD Security Doors

The Carroll County Board of Education on Thursday approved the purchase of the SHIELD security system for Glanton-Hindsman Elementary in Villa Rica.

The school system is continuing to install protective measures as part of its safety initiative. Ithica Elementary, Roopville Elementary and Villa Rica Middle already have the SHIELD system installed.

The SHIELD is a security system that provides the capability for school staff to lock down certain parts of the school, such as hallways and doors. It is considered a vital method to stop an intruder who comes into a school building.

Assistant Superintendent Terry Jones said an installed  button at the school, when pressed by a staff member, initiates a lockdown. The lockdown allows for doors to be locked and hallways to be shut down.

Jones said that not only will the button lock a door or hallway, it will send a call to 911 that an intruder is in the building. Jones said this method reduces response time and provides the schools additional resources when needed in an emergency situation.

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