• Bob BoydI have known Tom Hawkins for approximately 20 years. During that time, I have engaged him to do a wide variety of investigative work. His firm is the only private investigating business that I recommend to clients for several reasons. First, I know the level of professionalism and sound judgement that Tom offers in each and every case. He performs the work diligently, thoroughly, and is always cost conscious. It is not uncommon for Tom to tell a client if he thinks the project being considered is not in the client’s interest. Tom will usually offer a client several alternative methods to achieve a result. If there are reasons that work should be terminated, he will immediately cease and not pursue unnecessary avenues. He charges a client fairly and does everything possible (within legal and ethical limits) to obtain the best result. When clients ask me why we should hire him, as opposed to other private investigating firms, my response is always the same: I know his work and I trust him. Simply stated, he is driven by client satisfaction and personal integrity. I also value Tom’s advice and judgement in my cases. It is not unusual for me to seek his advice on strategies to achieve certain results that may be helpful in a divorce case. Most importantly, I always know Tom will perform his duties within the bounds of the ethical and legal expectations that he knows I expect, and which he demands of his people. In summary, I cannot recommend Tom highly enough. He is a consummate professional, and I value the relationship that both myself and my firm have developed with him over these many years. If I may answer any questions personally, I would be happy to do so at any time. Save

    ~ Robert D. Boyd
    Boyd Collar Nolen & Tuggle
  • jonathanbioI have been using Tom Hawkins and Hawk Professional Investigations for almost 20 years. When I am preparing a case for settlement or trial I need perfection from my experts and they deliver every single time.
    Tom and his entire staff are beyond competent. They are reliable, responsive, extremely creative, all while knowing and staying within the laws and professional boundaries associated with their performance.
    Simply put, in one of the most sensitive and important areas of my practice, where time is of the essence and a mistake could be fatal to the case, Tom and his staff deliver perfection, and in a cost effective manner.  

    ~ Jonathan R. Levine
    Levine Smith Snider & Wilson, LLP
  • Candace2If you are looking for the best Private Investigation team in Georgia put down your iPhone, stop googling, and call Hawk Professional Investigations.  Hawk Professional Investigations is hands down the best there is.    Not only is Hawk Professional Investigations top notch in terms of quality, Tom Hawkins and his team of investigators are very responsive and hands on with all investigations.   Often when I refer cases to Hawk Professional Investigations, his team is on the job within 24 to 48 hours.   Hawk Professional Investigations also has the most sophisticated technology in the business, such cell phone forensics, high quality audio, video and background checks.  If you want stellar private investigative services, look no further!   We appreciate Hawk Professional Investigations.  

    ~ Candace M. Willams
    Coleman, Chambers, Rogers & Williams, LLP
  • Edward E. BatesI and my clients have had the pleasure of working with Tom Hawkins for approximately 20 years. In my years of practicing law, I have used many investigators. However, none has approached the level of professionalism that Tom and his team consistently exhibits. He is more than just skilled, thorough and fair. He is a partner offering advice and suggestions aimed at achieving the best results for the costs involved. If there is a private investigator better than Tom Hawkins, I have not met him.

    ~ Edward E. Bates
    Warner, Mayoue, Bates & McGough
  • Elizabeth Green LindseyHawk Investigations is my first choice for private investigator services because of its integrity, creativity and professionalism. For years, my family law clients have benefited from Hawk Investigations’ excellent service. I trust Hawk Investigations to take care of my client’s needs and to make sound judgments on the cost effectiveness of their tasks. They are prepared for court when called upon to testify. I highly recommend Tom Hawkins and Hawk Investigations.

    ~ Elizabeth Green Lindsey
    Davis, Matthews and Quigley P.C.
  • Jon HedgepethI have utilized Mr. Hawkins and his company on numerous occasions and have been extremely pleased with the results. Mr. Hawkins is able to provide detailed information that completely and favorably change the dynamics of a civil case.

    ~ Jon Hedgepeth
    Hedgepeth, Heredia, Crumrine & Morrison, LLC
  • Rebecca  CrumrineTom is a professional in every sense of the word. In his business, you have to be to be good. And he is good. He provides efficient and detailed service discretely and effectively. I give him the highest of recommendations.

    ~ Rebecca Crumrine
    Principal, Hedgepeth, Heredia, Crumrine & Morrison, LLC
  • David_MarpleTom Hawkins and Hawk P.I. have been instrumental in my family law practice for the past several years. Hawk P.I. ethically conducts thorough investigations with consistently exceptional results, all the while keeping their costs and fees reasonable. I highly recommend Hawk P.I.

    ~ David Marple
    Marple Law Firm
    Atlanta, GA
  • john-robinsonTom Hawkins is a true professional who does his very best to provide timely and detailed investigative results for his clients. His work is extremely thorough and his record keeping is beyond reproach. Tom will devote all of the attention and personnel necessary to satisfy his clients.

    ~ John Robinson
    Robinson & Blazer, LLP
    Decatur, GA
  • Bill AndersonMy law firm has used Tom and his company for 15 years and have always had great results for a fair price.

    ~ Bill Anderson
    Hamilton, Westby, Antonowich & Anderson, LLC
    Atlanta, GA