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Background Investigation for Child Custody

Hawk Private Investigations was hired in regards to a child custody investigation.  The child in question, Samantha was living with her mother; Samantha’s father had passed away the year before.  Samantha’s maternal grandparents were petitioning the court for custody, claiming Samantha’s mother was unfit.  Upon a temporary hearing the court ordered Samantha in the custody of her mother, with visitations to her maternal grandparents and stipulations that Samantha was not to be around two individuals, Josh Johnson and Zack Jones, as they were known drug dealers that Samantha’s mother had purchased drugs from and hung around.  Additional stipulations stated that Samantha’s mother was to be placed in a drug treatment plan and not partake in drugs or alcohol.

Hawk Private Investigations began the case by placing Samantha’s mother under surveillance.  Surveillance showed that Samantha was kept out late at night in seedy neighborhoods around multiple men.  Hawk Private Investigations’ research team uncovered the identity of the men, which included Josh Johnson and Zack Jones.  Background Investigations were completed on all the individuals and what Hawk Private Investigations found was unfortunate.  The men Samantha was placed around were felons, multiple times over; majority of which were drug related felonies.

In a hearing in front of the Judge in this matter, the attorneys introduced the evidence obtained  by Hawk Private Investigations’ surveillance and research teams. This evidence included video of Samantha around people of questionable character, including convicted felons. The research conducted on these individuals was provided to the judge in certified copies, making them admissible in court. Based on the evidence presented, the judge awarded custody of Samantha to the maternal grandparents.

The attorneys on this case informed us that this case was won on Hawk Private Investigations’ hard work and attention to detail.

If you need background information on people who may be involved with your family or business, please contact us today to speak to an experienced investigator.

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The details of this case study have been modified to protect confidentiality including identities, locations and any other recognizable information. Case studies and any description of matters are not intended as legal advice and should not be used in that way.
Case studies and testimonials do not guarantee similar results. You should speak with Hawk PI about the specific details of your case.


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