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Top 6 Vulnerabilities: An Open Door for Corporate Espionage

Is your company susceptible to being targeted for corporate espionage? Are you making it easy for someone to infiltrate your company’s proprietary information?

The ruinous effects of corporate espionage have increased exponentially to the point that the FBI has invested in a campaign to raise awareness and alert business executives and owners to this risk. Espionage has evolved from the days of sneaking into an office and stealing documents. While that still may happen, now technology can expose vulnerabilities that you may not be aware of and breaches can be facilitated remotely. Without the proper strategy and know-how, they are and will remain undetected.

Most companies don’t even realize how and where they are vulnerable. Have you considered these possibilities?

Acquisitions, Mergers and Major Developments

These type of events are appealing to others who want to know what you are working on and how they can benefit from that knowledge. During these times, your focus should be on the task at hand, not who is trying to steal or leak the information.

Employee Transgressions

Most corporate espionage is an inside job – in fact, an estimated 85% of cases are linked to employees. Have you completed thorough background checks on all employees? All levels of employees, including past employees, could have access to valuable, proprietary information.

Meetings and Conferences

Even if attendees are diligent and careful, your facilities or any off-site locations are susceptible to surveillance and recording devices.

Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Policies are established to protect your company, but how closely are they followed? When was the last time they were updated and reviewed with employees, contractors and vendors? Do they contain a clause emphasizing the importance of reporting suspicious activity?

Communication Systems

Do you have a digital or VOIP communication system? How secure is your network? Advances in technology are made every day and yours may no longer be state-of-the-art or secure.

Out-dated Security Surveys

A security survey is a proactive review of your physical spaces and operations to assess risk of personnel and assets. It is an important step in the process of securing your company. Identifying, testing and resolving vulnerabilities and developing strategies to prevent corporate espionage can protect your company and put your mind at ease.

Did any of these set off an alarm? Your company could be vulnerable. A little preparation now can prevent loss in the future – loss of information, time, money and energy. The Hawk PI team can help secure and protect your company with their investigative and technical security expertise.

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