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HPI’s Tim Keener to speak at Georgia Private Investigators Conference

ATLANTA (Apr. 26, 2019) Tim Keener, U.S. Secret Service (Retired) and Director of Global TSCM & Physical Security for Hawk PI, will present a seminar on Debugging & Detection in Today’s Technological Environment at the Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators Spring Training Conference.

The event, held April 25-26, offers continuing education opportunities for both veteran and aspiring private investigators.

Tim’s presentation will draw on his 20 year’s experience with technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) and physical security with the U.S. Secret Service, creating secure environments for the president and vice-president. The workshop covers common applications for TSCM, fundamental strategies, how to identify vulnerabilities, and popular tools of the trade.

Tim also shares stories from the front lines of international TSCM, making this a doubly entertaining event.

For HPI clients, Tim develops and deploys comprehensive programs for security assessment, planning and implementation to create technically secure environments for sites, events and individuals.


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