TSCM Bug Sweep Expert

20-Year Secret Service Veteran Joins Security Team

We are proud to announce the addition of Tim Keener, a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Secret Service, to the Hawk PI Security Team.

In his role as Director for Global TSCM and Physical Security, Tim will develop and deploy comprehensive strategies and programs for security assessment, planning and implementing to create technically secure environments for sites, events and individuals.

Computer Privacy Vulnerabilities

Hackable Keyboards and Mice

You can now add non-bluetooth wireless keyboards and mice to your list of “hackables”. Bastille, a cybersecurity research company, recently discovered two vulnerabilities affecting wireless, non-Bluetooth keyboards and mice. These vulnerabilities could allow hackers to eavesdrop on your keystrokes and expose your sensitive data including credit card and banking information, social security number and passwords.…

Take Control of Your Situation: Selecting a Private Investigator

When facing difficult situations such as a divorce, suspicion of adultery and/or child custody dispute, your emotions are running high. Many professionals are employed in these cases: attorneys, counselors, guardian ad-litems and/or financial consultants. A private investigator is another professional you should have on your side. A professional, licensed private investigator can help you get…

Top 5 signs that your home or office may be “bugged”

Confidential personal conversations have been compromised or proprietary company information ends up in the hands of competitors. You notice unusual clicks, hums, static, or other noises on your telephone, maybe even when it’s not in use. You may also notice changes in radio and TV reception. Your home or business has been broken into, but…